” Cooking is all about people. If we are vibrant, fresh and full of life so is our food, if people leave us with even just a little bit of this, we’re happy “.

Janey Dornheim | Owner

We believe good food goes beyond simple ingredients. Having an enjoyable meal is as much about the environment and company as it is about the food. With this in mind, we have tried to create an environment at The Wild Fig that is welcoming and inclusive, where our customers can relax and be themselves.
Many of our customers have commented that our cafe is quite “intimate” but also that this is part of it’s charm. Our place is one where you are likely to end up talking to your (very near) neighbour or to one of our team working in the kitchen.


It goes without saying that food should be delicious, but we pride ourselves on ensuring this regardless of dietary restriction or choice. Our Gluten Free and Vegan options are naturally delicious, lovingly and creatively made with our team in the kitchen who are skilled at coming up with new recipes.


We are very lucky to live and work in such a beautiful area of the country, and to also have a wealth of wonderful local food and drink on our doorstep. We source most of our ingredients locally, and change our menus and products in line with the changing seasons to keep our menu local and fresh.


We make everything in the Cafe ourselves from scratch, apart from the Bread that we use (we leave that to the Bakers). Our kitchen is small but always a hive of activity to keep up our range of dishes and homemade cakes. In term time we also supply hot school lunches to a local independant school.


” There’s no great food without a great team”.

Janey Dornheim | Owner


The mastermind who is mostly behind the scenes, Janey spends her time doing all the bits no-one else wants to do, like the accounts and the recycling. When she’s in the Café she’s mostly wondering why her husband isn’t playing the Spotify playlists she set up, whilst drinking a Flat White. Before work she might be found out on the water having recently taken up Stand Up Paddle Boarding, which gives her some peaceful time away from it all.


After many years of frustration sitting behind a desk in an IT department, Wolfie (aka Volker, to give him his proper German name…) finally realised his ambition to talk to people all day (mostly about music), whilst making the Best Coffee in Town. After work, he’s happiest spending time with his family, Janey and son Oren, two cats…and of course, his music.



Vicky joined our main team some time ago, after initially being involved in the catering side of the business. She brings with her a real passion for food as well as artistic talents which are felt throughout the Café. Vicky created our amazing plant based mural, and also painted the pictures hanging in the café, including our beautiful Fig painting. She brings her art into her food, with beautifully decorated cakes and wonderful latte art.


Chloe is the quiet, chilled member of our team who never gets flustered even when everyone else is losing their heads. She joined us having previously worked in a Vegan café, and brought with her some of our most successful recipes such as the scrambled tofu breakfast and Vegan tofu tarts. She also makes the best Salted Caramel Raw Cake of all us! Chloe works part time for us having last year given birth to the beautiful baby Ona.


Saffron joined us this year having previously worked in the shop next door, so she knew how good our coffee and food was and just couldn’t wait to be part of our happy family team. Gaining confidence in her coffee making skills, and bringing her own ideas into our food selection, it feels like Saffron has always been part of the team.





opening hours

Monday - Saturday

08.30AM -5PM

Sunday: CLOSED (JAN & FEB) 

Please note that we are closed from midday Xmas Eve and re-open Tuesday 7 Jan



01803 864829


53 Fore St, Totnes TQ9 5NJ